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Pal Enterprises and Its Glorious History


Pal Enterprises was founded 50 years ago by Mr Chittaranjan Pal, one of the most advanced-thinking persons in Bankura district. Not only did he establish his wholesale and retail stores of clothing business at Kotulpur, but also concentered on other business verticals agriculture and plastics. On a huge land stretching over 2 Acers in Raibaghini (Bankura), he set up a potato cold storage.

Moreover, Pal Enterprises has three plastic factories fully in operation at Amta (Howrah) and its adjacent areas.  

Under the expert direction, guidance and headship of Mr Birendra Nath Pal, the company is growing progressively and accomplishing the goals set by the organization and board of directors.

All operations at PAL ENTERPRISES are deeply connected to its core values of integrity, customer satisfaction, quality assurance, and inclusivity. To know PAL, one just needs to know our principles.


PAL ENTERPRISES ultimately aims to become the top apparel sourcing brand in WEST BENGAL. The brand will always be, as it is currently, known for its work ethics and principles.


PAL ENTERPRISES enables enterpreneurs from all over the west Bengal to start their profitable garments business. We ensure that only the best quality textiles and readymade are sold at our franchisees


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Enjoy Your Work
Quantity With Quality
Anyone Can Do Business
Together We Make The Difference


About Us

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